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    Rev Gav
    January 04, 2021

    If I could give the shop no stars I would. We bought our son some school shoes - Hush Puppies. A the time of purchase we had to wait ages to be served. The staff were unhelpful and obnoxious in their attitude. Anyway, he's worn them 38 times - and not played any sports in them. In fact there's not a single scuff or mark on them - they look pristine - yet they are splitting down the sides - clearly defective. So... we emailed the store and they said to bring them in. We took them back to Boyle and Son and the server said that, according to company policy, there are no refunds and no returns. However, we could have 30% off our next purchase. I said this was not good enough as the shoes are clearly defective. So he went out and got Mr William Boyle, the owner, and when we said they were defective he laughed at us and said that we had "had our value out of them". He mockingly told us we could go to "consumer affairs" if we wanted to. I tried to ask how long he expected a pair of school shoes to last but we could not get a word in edgeways. He said he could do a discount off our next purchase. I didn't want this and re-asserted that the shoes were defective. He said, "I'll glue them if you want." I told him this was terrible service and asked him how much discount he would give. He told me that the discount was going down minute by minute the more he talked to me! He then told me I was yelling at him, which I wasn't. So I said that I had no recourse but to give them a bad rating on social media. At which point he yelled at me - telling me not to threaten him and his staff. A second staff member told me not to threaten them too! I was gobsmacked. I calmly said that I was not threatening him. Mr Boyle asked us to leave the shop, so we did. As we were leaving he yelled at me telling me I was an "awful person" and he then demanded my name and phone number. I walked away. He then - get this - chased my wife, son, and I out of the shop yelling at me! We turned the corner of the street and he followed us, demanding I give him my name and asking me if, "I was scared." I turned to him and calmly and clearly told him I was not scared but refused to acquiesce to his bullying. He ran into a shop to grab a friend to take a photo of me! It was utterly bizarre, and my wife, son, and I were utterly befuddled at his behaviour. So... yes, we will go to Consumer Affairs, and no, we won't be purchasing any shoes from his store ever again! What is the world coming to????

    Hilary Carr
    July 13, 2017

    A disappointing experience in this shop, at 1:30pm with a handful of customers in the shop. Initially the only shop assistant was having a personal phone call in the shop, other shop assistants return and chat to each other despite customers lining up at the counter. I approached and asked if I could purchase the 7 pairs of kids shoes we had put on the sales counter. I saw other customers at the counter not given any service. My shop attendent didn't know where the other shop assistants were, when I asked if she could find someone to serve other people. I asked for the manager and was told they were in the back with their door closed. I insisted, and one of the shop assistants did go back to inform the manager and said they would be out in due course, but by the time my purchase was complete I didn't want to wait longer. There are two stars as I did get the shoes I wanted for my children, but do not think a business should be run with customers waiting for service while shop assistants are chatting in other areas of the shop, and have to approach staff to ask if we could pay for selections. Surely the staff could be more proactive. I am sorry to complain, but if no one makes a complaint the service may become even worse.

    Johnny Five
    March 08, 2019

    Would rate lower if I could. Three staff members stood around discussing lunch, and didn’t acknowledge I was even there. More so, one member told the other “no ones even here” because she was more concerned about getting her lunch order.

    Graham MacDonald
    April 06, 2019

    not the widest range of shoes for pur children's sizes but the assistant was very helpful.

    Darcy Wilson
    May 17, 2023

    No customer service Poor looking selection/quality

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