Uplifting Gospel Singer & Inspirational Singer; Sylvee.

15 June 2021

Gospel Singer Sylvee.

Gospel singer Sylvee is born and raised in Bermuda who is also known as an Inspirational singer and songwriter signed with Bought With A Price Production.

She sings and writes all of her songs with one thing in mind. To uplift the individual to a higher place.

Gospel Singer Sylvee

Following your gift to give in this way is what helps many to just say ” I will push another day, I will not give up.” To see someone change just because they heard a song is one of the greatest blessings of all.

Her songs are scripture, put to different genres of music is how she describes her style of writing.  If her personality is anything to go by, her Gospel music ministry is definitely in the making.

Who Is Sylvee?

She is effervescent, open and unselfconsciously expressive in telling of her saga of self-discovery.  The Lord blessed her with songs while she is sleeping and sometimes while she is just talking to Him.  She hears the lyrics and the music then takes action in writing and producing them.

She has a low, mellow voice which is soothing to the soul.  Never one to squander an opportunity, Gospel vocalist Sylvee has shared her gift with people on dialysis machines who would be there for many hours.

This has been a gift to those who had the pleasure of hearing her.

She finds it rewarding to give back to the community.  It is her desire to use her Gospel music ministry to help and comfort others at funerals, weddings, and special events.

While singing at community activities, She realized why God wanted her to sing.  Her Gospel songs helped to fill voids in peoples’ lives.

Entertainer With Inspiration.

When singing her Gospel songs for her neighbors, her focus is not on herself but on how she can be a help to others.  This is seen in the positive Gospel lyrical content of the songs she writes.

She stated that whatever she does, she wants to make a difference in somebody’s life and be a blessing to someone. She is not someone who just sings as a career.

Gospel music has a tendency to alienate non-spiritual fans, but she has created a sound that appeases everyone. So be the inspiration singer she says she is.

Reaching as many as possible and inspiring all types to all heights.

With the musical aid of Anthony Lockett,Declaration of Love was born.  The name says it all; it is a declaration of her love for the Lord.  This CD is her second and is an emotional whirlwind of joy, fusing Gospel with Caribbean and Funk.

Being from Bermuda I guess that is where some inspiration comes from.

Not Just And Gospel Music.

Sylvee wrote a Gospel song for Fathers’ Day entitled “I Wish My Daddy Could Cry”.  Growing up she was taught that men do not cry along with many other stigmas about men.

Her father never showed any signs of emotion except for anger.  She learned from participating in prison ministry that a lot of the men there were angry and did not know how to express any other emotion.

Some of the men cried when she sang her Fathers’ Day song. This was just another void being filled in the individual, to help them move on and forward.

Sylvee’s signature song, especially for prison ministry, isDon’t Let The Devil Steal Your Joy.

Bermuda’s Own Inspirational Gospel Singer.

Mission Statement: Each one, help one, to enhance the quality of life for everyone.

You can reach her HERE if you need to contact her for events, singing engagements.


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