The #1 Best-Performing New Bermuda Yellow Pages

3 June 2021

This Is A Your #1 Better-Performing “New Bermuda Yellow Pages”?


This New Bermuda Yellow Pages or Online Community Resource Directory is a  telephone directory , for small business in Bermuda.

As an entrepreneur you sometimes get an idea then proceed to get it done. That does not make it right but I know there is a need for it.

The New Bermuda Yellow Pages
Online Community Resource Directory for small businesses in Bermuda

Small businesses need a form of marketing to get the word out in the most efficient way possible. Small business or starters always miss the one thing that is most important to their business.

That is advertisement or marketing.

Why is it we start out with a new business by getting the word out just to make the first sale. Then forget that this the key to survival. I do not want to do you wrong so I will say to help you grow not “key to survival” Just surviving stinks.

Even after the business is running they tend to forget that is what is needed and that is what got them to where they are now.

How do I know this?

Because I have done it many times for my business; Unlimited Supplies ( but now I am concentrating on my new business Douglas Digital Agency (

I am realizing that marketing is one of the most important things you can do for your business. I would like to say marketing over advertising in this case.

If you can get free exposure for your business; is this not good. I would say great; even if you do not believe in it.

I now know better and fully realize that any type of exposure on the internet that is for your business that is positive can be the best thing for your small business.  This is a google analytics thing.

Trust if Google likes it, then they like you. If Google like you ,this is good.

A New Bermuda Yellow Pages or An Online Community Directory?

I am not trying to make this another yellow page or directory in Bermuda but trying to actually make it really count.

How is that suppose to be when it is claimed as a new yellow pages.

Their will be many things in the background designed to help small businesses get exposure.

Exposure means traffic, and traffic means sales.

We will be spotlighting a random business to write articles about them and promote them a little to give them more exposure.

This would be the businesses that has a premium listing of course, non the less it will be like giving back to the customers.

We are also a a online community resource directory designed for businesses to help each other in a small way. If we can get more people to Bermuda Unlimited it will only mean more exposure and we already explained what that means.

The Old Telephone Directory.

Helping small businesses get exposure is what we are really trying to get accomplished. Actually letting people know that you are there.

I use to scoff at the internet and people who designed websites at one time because all they were doing was designing a website, and nothing else. What happens then is you become another page in a million page book that no one reads.

What Bermuda Unlimited small business directory is doing is providing you real advertising inside of the directory itself.

Even with this; now in 2021 the business owner is still slow to implement any type of marketing for their business because they do not understand it.

For The Small Businesses In Bermuda.

Bermuda Unlimited is a online directory that gets the job done for you the business not just to take your money and run. Long gone are the days of sticking a picture somewhere and hope it works.

There is no more money to throw away.

Don’t you agree?

Bermuda Unlimited

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